Engineering Firm Calls GPRS To Locate Voids

GPRS Pennsylvania was called when a tractor trailer fell through part of the asphalt on a heavily traveled road at an Engineering Firm in Norristown, PA. No one was injured, but the firm wanted to ensure the safety of all their employees when traveling to and from work. They needed to ensure there were no more voids in the asphalt on their campus. GPRS was able to come out and scan their 3 mile campus for any other possible voids in the asphalt. Do to the time sensitivity of the project, GPRS sent out 2 project managers who cover Pennsylvania. They were able to scan the entire campus in only one day and report any other possible void locations. This was all done in a safe, non-destructive way.

If you have any area that you may be worried about possible voids, you can contact Sam Hart or Rhett Teller. Sam covers the Mid-state region including York, Harrisburg, Huntingdon, and State College and can be reached at (717) 798-5721 or Rhett covers the Eastern part of the state including Philadelphia and Allentown, as well as New Jersey and Delaware; he can be reached at (215) 694-4747 or