GPR Scanning in a health facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

In March of 2020, Sam Hart of Ground Penetrating Radar System (GPRS) was contacted by a mechanical contractor to help with an on-going project at a health care facility in a Harrisburg, PA. The slab was approx. 4-5 inches thick with metal decking supporting the slab. The contractor was looking to see if the steel beams had sheer studs holding the decking and slab in place. The two beams were approximately 25’ long. GPRS went down to the floor below to locate the positioning of the beams and then scanned the areas from the surface above.


On site, Sam and Igor Skuratovsky scanned the areas around the two beams. They were able to locate the sheer studs in the slab. The sheer studs were at a different depth than the wire mesh, so they weren’t difficult to locate. The sheer studs were roughly ½” below the surface, while the mesh was laying on top of the metal decking. There were approximately 18 sheer studs per 25’ of steel beam. GPRS marked the findings on the surface with permanent marker.

The Benefits:

GPRS was able to verify the location of sheer studs by using the StructureScan Mini XT GPR unit. All markings were made in real time and GPR data was recorded daily, for report writing. It is never safe to assume that embedded objects such as conduits, rebar, and post tension cables do not exist when core drilling, saw-cutting, or chopping concrete. Contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems prior to using any of these methods on your next concrete project. Your team will save time, avoid damage, and steer clear of costly repairs. Our Project Managers are equipped with the latest and greatest technology in the industry. Pair that with our state-of-the-art training program;, each of GPRS’s project managers bring unmatched skills and training to successfully complete each project. (Visit for more information).

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