GPRS locates many Conduits prior to Saw Cutting at Carnegie Mellon University

GPRS was called by a general contractor to scan a slab on grade pad in a utility room for saw cutting and trenching for a new drain. When we arrived on site, the plumber was eager to start saw cutting and was certain that there would be nothing in the slab that would be hit.

During the initial site walk we noticed quite a few conduits running from wall mounted breaker boxes into the slab. There were some in the room where the saw cutting would take place and in adjoining rooms.

In seeing the conduits enter the slab and the room near to many utilities, it was determined that there would be quite a few conduits and possibly other utilities in and under the concrete.

Many conduits were located in the scanning area using GPR and the EM Pipe locator. The slab was determined to be 5” thick and was reinforced with rebar and wire mesh. Had the saw cutting began as planned, main electrical conduits would have been hit causing serious damage. The cut area was congested with conduits at depths ranging from 1.5” to as deep as 10”, with some conduits crossing each other throughout the area.

There were a few contractors on this job site, and our findings impressed one so much that he asked if we could do additional work in the area including making a drawing of the room for future reference.

For more information on how GPRS can help you on your next project, please contact Nate Johnson at 412.508.8426 or by email at nate.johnson@gprsinc.com. We also have the capabilities of locating conduits, rebar, and post tension cables in a concrete slab as well as utility locating.

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