GPRS Locates Multiple Conduits in Mechanical Room

A general contractor was looking to sawcut multiple areas of a mechanical room prior to demolition. The contractor knew there were conduits beneath the slab, but they didn’t know where and how deep. The contractor reached out to GPRS to scan all areas prior to saw cutting. In this picture, there are multiple conduits in the slab ranging from 4-6 inches, as well as larger conduits below the slab at 7-9 inches deep. The slab was determined to be approximately 5-6 inches thick. All marks were clear coated to preserve the marks for a couple weeks until the cutting began. Sam Hart, who is the GPRS project manager for Central Pennsylvania was able to complete this project in State College, PA.

GPR is a great tool to locate critical targets in the concrete prior to core drilling or saw cutting. It can assist in keeping projects on schedule by avoiding unforeseen conduit strikes as well as saving money from repairs. Most importantly, it can support job site safety and keeping fellow workers safe. Please visit for an overview of our industry-leading best practices that will be applied to this project.

Sam Hart performs GPR scanning to locate reinforcing steel and other critical targets in the concrete. For assistance in the Harrisburg or State College areas feel free to contact Sam Hart at or (717) 798-5721. GPRS can provide rebar locating, post tension mapping, location of conduits, underground utility locating, and void detection.

GPRS’s focus on safety has earned an impressive record. Our 2018-2019 Experience Modification Rate of 0.47 is substantially better than the industry standard. Our clients see first-hand our dedication and commitment to safety. It’s a major reason why GPRS is the company of choice for many companies seeking concrete scanning and utility locating services.