GPRS Locates Underground Electric in Substation

A general contractor needed to locate utilities prior to excavating. Although the contractor was fairly certain there were no major utilities in the area, it was better to double check to make sure. The contractor was preparing to excavate approximately 100 linear feet within an electrical substation in Three Springs, PA near Shade Gap. The client reached out to Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, who specializes in underground utility locating. Sam Hart, who covers the Central Pennsylvania area for GPRS, was the project manager on site who was able assist the client with this project. He located a few grounding wires, as well as a conduit to a light pole within the proposed trench line. He marked all findings on the surface as well as their depths for reference. Please visit for an overview of our industry-leading best practices that will be applied to this project.

GPRS performs GPR scanning to locate subsurface utilities and unknowns prior to drilling or excavating. For any projects in Central Pennsylvania, contact Sam Hart at (717) 798-5721 or For more information, visit our website which can assist with any project nationwide. At Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC, safety and accident prevention is our top priority in every aspect of the work we do. It’s a core value and a significant part of our company’s culture.