GPRS Marks Out Reinforcement For 100 Year Old Building

A structural engineer was looking to install a large piece of equipment on an existing slab. Unfortunately, this building was roughly 100 years old and there were no records to indicate the slab thickness or amount or reinforcement in the slab. They were also concerned with any shallow utilities that may be beneath the slab. This project was located in York, PA. The contractor reached out to Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC to scan the floor to determine slab thickness as well as reinforcement location. This area was approximately 10’ x 20’. GPRS was able to determine the slab was approximately 7” thick and the reinforcement was 6” on center. The reinforcing ranged from approximately 5-6 inches deep. GPRS was also able to locate a drain line which is located in the upper left section of the picture. The drain line was located in the stone directly beneath the slab. As opposed to X-ray, Sam used ground penetrating radar to scan the slab and was able to give real-time results to the client.

GPR is a great tool to locate critical targets in the concrete prior to core drilling or saw cutting. It can assist in keeping projects on schedule by avoiding unforeseen conduit strikes as well as saving money from repairs. In this case, it was able to minimize the damage to the structural integrity of the building. Most importantly, it can support job site safety and keeping fellow workers safe. Please visit for an overview of our industry-leading best practices that will be applied to this project.

Sam Hart performs GPR scanning to locate reinforcing steel and other critical targets in the concrete. For assistance in the Pennsylvania Mid-State areas contact Sam Hart at or (717)798-5721. GPRS can provide rebar locating, post tension mapping, the location of conduits, underground utility locating, and void detection.