Private Underground Utility Locators

GPRS Private Underground Utility Scanning

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was contacted by an engineering firm located in Western Pennsylvania to locate underground utilities for an expansion project at a high school in the Pittsburgh area.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) along with radio detection and direct connect methods were used to locate known and unknown utilities across the proposed construction area. The location of powerlines was determined by radio detection methods. Along with the location, the depth of the powerlines was also determined. This information helps engineers and construction workers gain the knowledge they need to perform their duties in a safe and cost effective manner. Gas lines at this property were located using direct connect methods, which require the GPRS technician send a signal across a conductive line. The signal is then located using a handheld receiver that is searching for that signal. The location and depth of the gas line was provided through this method. Drain lines that ran through the site were located by a combination of GPR and the use of fish tape fed through the line and sending a signal along the fish tape.

At this site, GPRS technicians used multiple techniques to locate the underground utilities, allowing for the safe and efficient excavation of the construction site. The safety and money saving advantages of using GPRS on a job site cannot be overlooked. Creating a safe work space as well as ensuring site facilities go uninterrupted was a key aspect of this project that GPRS, Inc. was able to provide.

In construction, professionalism is everything, and completing your projects without incidents can make or break your bottom line. When you are excavating, it is important to have the utilities privately and publicly located. Utilizing GPRS for your project will help reduce injury, reduce lost productivity, and maintain incident-free professionalism that your clients demand.

GPRS uses the latest and greatest technology to locate power lines, fiber lines, water lines, UST’s, storm drains, and sewer drains under the surface. Utilizing GPRS on your project can help mitigate costly repairs, prevent severe injuries, and also maintain the integrity of your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Pittsburgh is available to service the private utility locating and concrete scanning needs of Western Pennsylvania.