Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Locate Project

A general contractor needed to locate utilities prior to excavating. The contractor was looking to add an extension to existing building. The client knew there were utilities in the area, so they wanted to know exact location and depth prior to digging. The contractor reached out to Sam Hart, who is a technician for Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS). Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is experienced in locating private utilities. Sam was able to locate an electrical and communication duct bank at 4’ deep. Sam covers the Central Pennsylvania area for GPRS. Although he covers this entire area, the majority of his work consists in Harrisburg, Hershey, Altoona, and State College.

Sam Hart performs GPR scanning to locate anything subsurface including utilities, UST’s, Voids, Gravesites and other underground unknowns. For assistance in the Pennsylvania Mid-State areas contact Sam Hart at or (717) 798-5721.