Post-Tension Cables Found in Juvenile Courthouse Slab

GPRS was subpoenaed to the Harrisburg Juvenile Courthouse renovation project to investigate post-tension cables allegedly in the slab before coring. Post-tension cables are serious business when cutting the concrete, creating thousands of dollars of repair costs if struck, let alone the risk of major employee safety repercussions. When we arrived, ten coring locations needed evidence to free or indict the ostensible cables. After scanning, nine of the ten locations were guilty as charged, the prospective coring areas filled with banded tendons running from one column to another. The criminal cables were then each clearly marked out, as if given the black & white prisoners suits, so the coring locations could be safely moved to avoid the banded bandits. The pictures show where the post-tension cables traffic the slab and where there is free space for coring.


Post-tension cables are a dangerous breed of obstructions when dealing with ground radar. Their signatures have many similarities to rebar and conduits so its vital that only specialized technicians are used to decipher the differences. We pride ourselves at GPRS for our intensively trained technicians, especially in the arena of post tension. Not only are we heavily trained in interpreting PT cable signatures, but all technicians have also been certified in the Level 1 Post-Tension Field Technician Theory Course through the Post Tension Institute.

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