Private Utility Locating Prior To Trench Excavation

A client was excavating two separate trenches at a substation in Middletown, PA. The proposed trenches were approximately 300 linear feet by 4 foot wide. Prior to excavating, it was crucial that all utilities were located in the area. The client’s main concern was the amount of electrical conduits and duct banks located within the substation. The client reached out to Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, who specializes in underground utility locating. Sam Hart, who covers the Central Pennsylvania area for GPRS, was the technician on site who was able assist the client with this project. He located electrical and communication lines, as well as their depths below the surface. He then took GPS coordinates of all his findings at the client’s request, and overlaid them onto a CAD file and Google Earth image. Sam Hart is based out of the Harrisburg office and covers the mid-state. He works for multiple contractors at cell towers to ensure no conduits are compromised during the excavation process.

GPRS performs GPR scanning to locate any utilities or anything subsurface before drilling or excavating. For any projects in Central Pennsylvania, contact Sam Hart at (717) 798-5721 or sam.hart@gprsinc.com. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has a representative in every major city, so we are able to come out and scan as soon as you need us. It’s always best to have as much information available about anything that may subsurface before any project. It can save money as well as ensure a safer working environment.