Underground Storage Tanks

When a contractor wanted to investigate if any Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) were present at the site that had documentation of all USTs being removed, they called GPRS, LLC. We used the newly acquired GSSI Profiler EMP-400 and a GPR 400 MHz antenna to scan the area. The Profiler EMP-400 is powerful electromagnetic induction tool. It is a frequency domain profiling system. The profilers wide range of frequency selections allow it to be used for a variety of surveys, from locating buried metal to locating plumes and landfill delineations. In this case it will be used to detect buried metal at the site. It will help narrow down the locations of interest for the GPR survey in order to locate the possible UST’s.

The Profiler EMP-400, gave clear results not yielding any buried metal objects within the majority of the site, except an unknown buried metal anomaly that was found within one portion of the property. GPR also confirmed that there was a buried metal object.

With all techniques and equipment used, GPRS was able to locate the additional buried metal object, a possible UST location, and mark it on the surface.

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